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December 2008

Western Union Payment Updates

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Do you use Western Union as your payment method? If so, Google Adsense had just made a couple minor updates that you should know.

Expiration date extended

They’ve now extended the deadline to pick up your Western Union payments from 35 days to 60 days. If you haven’t picked up your payment within 60 days of issuance, the payment will be credited back to your account and a payment hold will be placed on your account. You’ll then see a notice in your account with more details on how to proceed.

Split payments

As you may know, Western Union has specific payout limits depending on location. In the past, if your payment amount exceeded the Western Union payout limit in your country, they’d send your payment by secured express delivery check instead. Unfortunately, this would also incur a delivery fee, so they’re happy to let you know that this is now no longer the case.

Now, if your payment exceeds the maximum payment amount, they’ll divide up the amounts but still send them via Western Union. For instance, if the payout limit in your country is $3,000 USD and your payment for the month is $5,000 USD, they’ll send you two payments: one for the limit of $3,000 USD and another for the remainder of $2,000 USD. If you’re sent multiple Western Union payments, you’ll see multiple ‘Payment issued’ lines on your Payment history page, each with the corresponding MTCN associated with it. Depending on your local Western Union agent, you may need to pick up multiple payments on subsequent days. They recommend consulting your local Western Union agent for further details.

Payment by Western Union is currently available in a limited number of countries, but they’re working on expanding the countries we support, and we’ll keep you posted with any updates.

Hopefully, Western Union payment method available for Indonesia. Have a great day!

[Source: Inside AdSense – Western Union Payment Updates]

WordPress 2.7 Released

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The WordPress team has published a version of WordPress, WordPress 2.7.

The first thing that users will notice is the new administration interface which was completely redone to optimize processes.

The development team claims that nearly every task in WordPress 2.7 will take fewer clicks than it took in previous versions of the blogging platform.

Unlike previous versions where it’s a good idea to wait, it is highly recommended to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 now. It is very stable and has been well tested on with more than 5 million blogs over the past week. WordPress 2.7 includes the latest security updates. Once installed, it will notify you for automatic upgrades, making the upgrade process incredibly easy.

WordPress LogoTo upgrade from older versions of WordPress, follow the instructions in the WordPress Codex, the online manual for WordPress Users, in Upgrading WordPress.

Don’t wait. It is critical that you upgrade WordPress now because:

  • Future upgrades will be easier.
  • Your blog will be protected from current security vulnerabilities.
  • It features easy WordPress Theme and Plugin upgrades, additions, and news.
  • Some search engines and directories are considering penalizing page rank or not indexing old versions of WordPress due to security vulnerabilities and failure to upgrade (few spam sites upgrade).

Happy upgrading! 🙂

BidVertiser now supports Indonesian websites

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There are many PPC Ads beside Google Adsense, one of them is Bidvertiser.

No basic different within these programs, but Bidvertiser has an instant payment option, PayPal.

It will be a good news for people who don’t want to wait a long time to clear the Check payment from the PPC Ads programs, since PayPal is growing worldwide and they are most secure payment method.

Advantages of BidVertiser

  • High pay-per-click: Normally $0.5 to $2 per click for good niches. This is as good as Adsense’s.
  • Pay on monthly basis, within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. So BidVertiser pays faster than Adsense does!
  • Instantly pay to your PayPal account with a minimum of $10, or via check with a minimum of $50 to any country.
  • No fee to mail a payout check. Adsense charges $25 for every check courier mailed.
  • You can view all the ads running on your website, their CPC, title, description and url. Adsense doesn’t show these.
  • You can block and approve the ads any time. I love blocking those low-paying irrelevant ads.
  • You can customize the format of the ads to suit the theme of your website without updating the code block.
  • BidVertiser has many features of Adsense: Tracking Channel, Summary Reports, Detailed Reports, etc.
  • Earn up to $25 for each advertiser you referred, and up to $50 for each publisher you referred.
  • No phone verification.
  • No PIN-mail verification.

Disadvantages of BidVertiser

  • In some cases, click-through rate (CTR) is a bit low compared to Adsense’s. The best remedy would be blocking the low-paying, irrelevant ads and approve only high-paying, relevant ads.
  • You cannot turn off the “Your Ad Here” ads shown in the place of
    regular ads. You’ll however get paid up to $25 for every advertiser who
    joined through these.

BidVertiser Supports Indonesian Websites

A good news for Indonesian websites, BidVertiser now supports Indonesian websites. It means you may now display the BidVertiser ads on your Indonesian website and generate additional revenue.

Get interested? Why not to give a try? Join BidVertiser For Free and Make money from your Website or Blog today!

Gud Lak! 😀

I have a new iPhone 3G

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Finally, I have a new phone from Apple, iPhone 3G 16GB black =)

I was waiting for this phone. I am exciting so much to have iPhone.

Since I can not buy iPhone in Indonesia (actually I can but… ;)), I need to find the nearest country that officially sell iPhone. The possible country is Singapore. The good news is I can buy iPhone in Singapore without any contract since there is available officially unlocked by one of Singapore telecommunication operator (I believe you know what I mean ;))

Fortunately, I got training schedule in Singapore. Great! Therefore I excited so much. I planned to buy iPhone in Singapore.

First, I need to find the cheapest iPhone’s price in Singapore. The possible places are Funan, Lucky Plaza, Sim Lim, or Far East Plaza.

And finally I got my iPhone 3G in Far East Plaza =)

Here is my iPhone 3G…

My favorite features are:

  • Touch screen
  • iPod
  • Maps with GPS
  • Games

My missing features (compare with another phone) are:

  • SMS report
  • MMS
  • SMS forwarding

Anyway, I still love my new iPhone 3G so much =)

Thanks and have a great day!

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