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January 2009

iPhone 3G is Available in Indonesia

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Great new for iPhone lover, iPhone 3G is Available in Indonesia.

Please see from Apple Online Store Indonesia. Clicking on the Find a store link will take you to an iPhone 3G preparation page. Following last week’s launch in Thailand, it leaves Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and East Timor in the South East Asian region. Singapore and The Philippines are among the early wave of iPhone 3G countries in late 2008.

Where to buy iPhone 3G in Indonesia?

iPhone 3G will be available at all Telkomsel locations across Indonesia.

iphone 3g indonesia

Currently Telkomsel accepting pre-orders for iPhone 3G through this page.

Have a great day!

ClickBank Indonesia Secret Release

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Finally, I finished my E-book about ClickBank, ClickBank Indonesia Secret.

This e-book in Bahasa Indonesia. I wrote it special for all of friends in Indonesia.

I wrote it as a great response for my post at My First ClickBank Cheque.

I believe there are so many Internet Marketer in Indonesia still confuse even frustrate to know how to join ClickBank from Indonesia.

    A brief of table of content (in Bahasa Indonesia and not at all)
    clickbank indonesia secret

  • Mendaftar Virtual Office tanpa biaya bulanan
  • Verifikasi Virtual Office
  • Mendaftar ClickBank
  • Verifikasi ClickBank
  • Memperoleh cek ClickBank di rumah Anda
  • Mencairkan cek ClickBank
  • Panduan gratis membuka US Bank
  • Panduan gratis membuka akun PayPal
  • Panduan menggunakan ClickBank
  • Panduan promosi ClickBank
  • Dan masih banyak informasi berharga lainnya…

Download e-book “ClickBank Indonesia Secret” Now!

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