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AJAX Yahoo! Mail

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What is it?

I just found a cool firefox extension.

This firefox extension help me to preview my messages with a single click.

You should try this, it’s so cool.

With the AJAX Yahoo! Mail Extension, a small ‘plus sign’ is added next to each message in your Inbox (or other folder) which will allow you to preview the message without leaving the folder.

As a bonus, you can also download attachments from your Yahoo!Mail with just one click.


  1. Preview our messages without leaving our inbox. We can see a small “plus sign” next to our email list. Just click this small sign to preview the message.
  2. We can send back messages (reply) with a single click using Instant Reply (see the right bottom of preview message).
  3. Download any attachment with a single click.

For more detail about this extensions see their website.

How to Install

  1. You must have Firefox Web Browser. You can download and install Firefox with Google Toolbar.
  2. Goto Firefox AJAX Yahoo! Mail Extensions site.
  3. Find link Install Now and click on it to install this extension to your Firefox.
  4. Restart Firefox.
  5. Open your Yahoo! Mail and see how cool this extensions 😀


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