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Amazon Releases Context Links Beta

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If you’ve been looking for a new way to monetize your blog or site I’ve got some exciting news for you. (AMZN) has launched the beta of their Context Links for affiliates. According to, “context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products, unlocking new ad inventory and saving you the time from having to manually create links.”

Context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products, saving you the time when you create manually links to Amazon products.

This service, “Context Links Beta,” works a lot like Kontera and Intellitext in that it dynamically adds advertisements to your content using JavaScript.

Unlike Kontera and IntelliText, though, Amazon Context Links are actually CPA rather than CPC. You earn revenue when someone makes a purchase on after being referred by your site. Amazon Context Links also offers a much greater range of customization options.

Context links are a cool way to monetize your content rich websites (and blogs) using the amazon associates program.

Put up a javascript code before your tag, and the code will do the rest; i.e place links on special keywords like names of authors who’s books are sold on amazon, Brand names who’s products are sold on amazon or the product names themselves; the text will automatically get linked to the product page on amazon. Not only that, you can also add some blin to your blog by selecting the feature where if users hover their mouse over the link, a snap like popup with the product name, image, rating, and price is displayed.

Who Should Use Context Links?

Context Links are for people looking for an easy way to generate money from the content they write. Bloggers, review sites, and people that have archived pages that are currently not monetized are excellent candidates for Context Links.

How do Context Links Work?

After you embed one simple piece of code on your pages, Context Links will identify and link contextually relevant phrases within your content to products. If you enable the preview functionality your site visitors will see a preview of an product relevant to the phrase we selected. Clicking on the link will send your site visitors to the product detail page on, and you will earn referral fees just as you would with any link you hand-picked.

Setting up Context Links for your website is quick and easy. Simply:

  1. Visit Associates Central->Build Links->Context Links
  2. Specify the maximum number of links you’d like on each page
  3. Optionally customize the display of the links with a couple clicks
  4. Copy/paste the generated code into your pages

You Can Customize the Links

Context Links has provided numerous customization options for Context Links allowing you to control:

  • the number of links on each page
  • which portion of the page will be linked
  • which Amazon product categories are linked
  • the matching of exact product names only
  • if preview windows will appear when your site visitors hover over the links, and the style of those windows
  • the options of single underline, dashed underline, and double underline link formats to indicate to your site visitors that they are Context Links

So, if you are member of the Amazon Associate already, log in now to your account and try this new Amazon services. Those who are not yet members, please register Amazon Associate here.

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    I have a doubt. Upto how many ad units of amazon i could display in a page?

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