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AuctionAds Launched

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AuctionAds is an another tool for bloggers and other website owners looking for different ways to monetize their site. It provides you with eBay ads to include in your website.

Website publishers create an account, add descriptive tags relevant to their content, and place an embed code on their site. The AuctionAds widget will then show eBay auctions relevant to the tags.

AuctionAds shows non-contextual eBay ads on your site. It is a Cost-Per-Action ad. You are making money when your visitor register at eBay or places a winning bid or purchase using “buy it now”. You do not make money when visitors click on the AuctionAds ad.

It works in pretty much the same way as Google Adsense. You create an AuctionAds account, setup a campaign, decide which format your ads should be displayed in (skyscraper, banner…all that), choose which type of auctions you want to display (keyword specific), edit up some colours to help blending, grab some JavaScript code and finally paste it into your site or blog. Easy!

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