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Blog Juice Calculator

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Blog Juice Calculator

Text Link Ads have created a new tool to measure the influence of your blog, the Blog Juice Calculator.

Blog Juice Calculator is a new measurements service that factors in information from Technorati Ranking (30%), Alexa Ranking (15%), Bloglines (40%), and incoming links from Technorati (15%) and comes up with a figure that you can use to represent your blog?s “juice”.

This morning when I checked my ranking was 3.8 points out of 10, so little “juice” for me. You can see my “juice” result here:

Blog Juice Calculator for supriyadisw dot net

This point motivates me to improve my blog structure and the popularity. My personal analysis for my “juice” result:

  • Bloglines (0): I should write more articles with good contents to make subscribers from Bloglines.
  • Alexa Ranking (92,035): I think it’s not a bad ranking 😉 because my Alexa Ranking in top 100,000.
  • Technorati Ranking (7,804): Not bad ranking. I got 13th ranking for Indonesian Blogger (
  • Links (1,529): I should to increase my incoming link to make a better “juice”.

My Two Cents

You can show your “juice” badge on your blog. But its show you a static image and will not update automatically when your “juice” change. Even you can show a fake “juice” badge on your blog. Please visit and feel free to choose your own “juice” badge image just to make your blog look like have a great “juice” 😉 lol

My recent “juice” (Oct 19, 2006)

My Blog Juice

My fake “juice” (Oct 19, 2006)

My Blog Juice


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