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You can update your WordPress blog from Ubuntu Dapper using the Drivel blog client. This guide is how to install and configure Drivel blog client for WordPress. You can also use BloGTK as alternative blog client. Drivel blog client, and another blog client, allows you to write blog posts offline and upload them when you’re ready. Drivel in the universe repository, therefore you need add universe repository in your source.list.

Installing Drivel

Drivel is extremely easy to install by running the following command from a terminal windows:

sudo apt-get install drivel

There will be a new entry for Drivel created in the Applications menu in the Internet section. Simply click on that entry to start Drivel.

Drivel on Application Menu

Configuring and Using Drivel for WordPress

In the main Drivel dialog box, enter your username, password, and server address into appropriate fileds in the dialog, and select your journal type from the drop-down menu. To use Drivel with WordPress you have to choose the Movable Type API (Journal Type) and the full path to the xmlrpc.php file on your server (i.e.

Drivel Dialog Box

Well done! You ready to make your first post. Fill in a subject line for your post, and type some content in the big body filed. Drivel will upload the post to your blog when you click post button. You can select which category you want your post in the “Show more options”.

Drivel New Post

Drivel also support different fonts and fonts effects via the Format menu. It will also automatically construct image link for you. It is possible to edit your posts with Drivel. This is a nice feature, since you don?t have to load the whole HTML interface of WordPress.

Drivel Edit Post

๐Ÿ˜€ Happy blogging and gud lak!


  1. heyas all.
    my 40 gig drive is going to good use now. I have installed UBUNTU and have ordered KUBUNTU.
    I dont know how to install the driver for my ati radeon 9600xt.
    Actually i dont know if i am meant to be downloading and installing XFREE86 or the XORG version of the driver. I am downloading them both but i dont know how to do anything in Linux really.
    I dont know where I am meant to set up my modem or set up a net account. (no INETWIZ.EXE)
    So yeah, can someone help me out with getting my ATI driver installed?
    and does anyone know of a good long PDF file i can read and wrap my brain around.
    I’m still a Windows user, but I want to use Linux as much as possible.
    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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