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Data Deposit Box Review

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It is important to back up our data frequently and to store it in a safe place. Keeping all these electronic records in our home do not ensure that they are 100 percent safe. They could be destroyed by fire or flood, or someone else might accidentally delete them without our knowledge. That’s why storing important business files online is a better solution. is not a newcomer to the online storage market, and offers users flexible pricing based on usage. In its “Simple Pricing Plan”, charges $2 per gigabyte per month (U.S. $2/GB/Month), which means you may for as much storage as you need. There is no additional charge for extra users or computers – pricing is based on storage space. Sounds like a good deal…. but has some challenges.


Data Deposit Box manages to seam file sharing options with decent online backup functionality to deliver a reasonably feature-rich product. Data Deposit box supports versioning, which leads to faster backups, which is nice. The continuous backup feature is also nice, as it only backs up files when changes have been made, but the lack of open-file support and manually scheduled backup is noticeable.


Security is fairly standard, with a basic key encryption scheme. While the data is encrypted on their server, you can enable file-sharing, which allows others access to specified files with the proper password.

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