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DClickZ – Alternative to Clickbank

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A new competitor to clickbank has arrived, it is an affiliate network and marketplace called DClickZ.

DClickZ is very similar to ClickBank in that it is an alternative “MarketPlace” approach to an Affiliate Network.

After I go through the site, I would say it is actually a new generation powerful affiliate network with built in marketplace, where affiliates and merchants can sell their products as easy as 1,2,3..

What is DClickz?

DClickZ Affiliate NetworkDClickz is an e-commerce service provider for merchants who sell digital goods and services, such as ebooks, music, software, and membership sites.

It listed down a lot more countries for people who want to join the network to be an affiliate and get paid, which clickbank doesn’t includes, such country like Indonesia, and Malaysia etc.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to promote, sell products online and earn extra money, there are many people in this world are looking for the opportunities to get involve into this type of business, unfortunately because we all living in different countries, so each of those countries have different kind of reputations, no matter you are living in the poor or rich, good or bad places from West, Middle East, South East Asia and Asia countries etc.

Because of the limitations and certain type of conditions, many affiliate networks donโ€™t includes those countries into their payout list for whatever the reasons they believe, which bring away the opportunities for lots of people to make money online.

Now with DClickZ’s launched – you get chance to get on the affiliate marketing train and start your own internet business.

DClickZ For Publishers of Digital Goods

DClickz is an e-commerce service provider for merchants who sell digital goods and services, such as ebooks, music, software, and membership sites.

Here are the benefits that DClickZ’s merchants get:

  • DClickZ enables digital goods merchants to accept credit card payments instantly (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
  • Free affiliate marketing, tracking, and payout.
  • Boost your sales with free affiliate program.
  • Instant approval โ€“ start selling now!
  • No lengthy application process, no long-term contracts, monthly fees, no termination fees.

DClickZ For Affiliates

Online affiliate marketers earn generous commission by promoting products of DClickZ’s merchants.

Here are the benefits that DClickZ’s affiliates get:

  • Simple, fast, and FREE.
  • 100% Guaranteed commission, since we handle both the sale and commission.
  • Instant sign-up process โ€“ get your DClickz username now and start marketing products.
  • Earn money promoting webโ€™s best digital goods.

Your Paychecks

DClickz issue paychecks twice a month. You can get your paychecks through PayPal, company checks, or direct deposit. DClickz accepts international merchants and affiliates.

How to Sign up with DClickZ

Here is a brief overview on how to set up a free DClickZ account:

  1. Go to DClickZ and fill the signup form.
  2. Publishers – to sell your own products. You need activate your publisher account. You need to pay US$39.95 activation fee. You can get 50% off the activation fee for $19.95 using my Personal Promo Code: HOME8
  3. Fees. As a publishers you need pay a very competitive fees: $1 + 7%.
  4. Affiliates. There are no fees to pay as an affiliate.
  5. Search the Market Place. If you are looking for products to promote, go and Search the Marketplace.
  6. That’s all there is to it.

My Two Cents

Since I , and many Indonesian, can not create ClickBank account, DClickZ is an alternative affiliate network to ClickBank.

You can Join DClickZ here especially for those who are living in the countries that doesn’t includes in the clickbank’s country list. It is an alternative to clickbank. So give yourself a chance to make your 2008 a better year.

Start selling your digital goods now or make money as an affiliate. For a limited time, save $20 – Sign up now at DClickz using Promo Code HOME8 and get 50% off in activation fee.


  1. thanks infonya mas. akhirnya ada juga alternatif selain Clickbank yang menerima member dari Indonesia. ngomong-ngomong apakah kita bisa mendaftar sebagai affiliate dan publisher sekaligus?

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