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EZ Affiliate Site launched TODAY!

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EZ Affiliate Site is an online site builder hosted on a kick-butt server, and it is monetized with Amazon, ClickBank and AdSense.

Three TOP sources for revenue all on a single site!

The Facts:

  • It’s easy to set up (you can be up and running within minutes).
  • It’s affordable (less than you would even pay for web hosting).
  • It’s effective (a little traffic can bring really big results).

The Benefits:

  • Your personal EZ Affiliate Site is remotely hosted on our servers – FREE of charge – so you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable web host (or whether or not your site will be open for business and running smoothly 24-7).
  • The fact that everything you need is set up and ready to go means you have the ability to start earning income right away (no more time wasted while you hunt down and choose just the “right” products and affiliate programs).
  • From start to finish, the entire process of getting your own EZ Affiliate Site up and running is unbelievably quick and easy to do (just fill in your affiliate info, choose a few custom settings, and you’re good to go).
  • With several customization options, you can give your site a unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd (modifications such as site width, color, background image, and border can be handled simply and easily).
  • Everything you need to do comes with easy to follow, step by step instructions that leave nothing to chance (whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it).
  • You get maximum earning potential because every single page of your site is automatically coded to display targeted AdSense ads (money will keep being deposited into YOUR Google account for as long as your EZ Affiliate Site is active on the web).
  • Your viewers will always have convenient and immediate access to both ClickBank and Amazon product listings (they get what they’re looking for and YOU generate income when they do – it’s definitely a win win situation).
  • You get to decide and easily choose to have either ClickBank or Amazon listings displayed on your EZ Affiliate Site homepage (allows you to satisfy your current customer base as well as attract the exact audience you’re looking for).
  • Set your homepage to display products in a specific and targeted niche or category (just log in to your account manager and type in whatever keyword you want – the script takes care of everything else automatically).
  • Gives you the ability to set both the minimum and maximum price ranges (allows you to gain even greater control over what product and service listings are displayed on your pages).
  • Gives you the ability to include a separate and independent links page (use it to provide helpful tools and resources, direct viewers to your other websites, or even include additional affiliate products and services – it’s entirely your choice).
  • Allows you to quickly and easily incorporate your autoresponder code within your pages (get maximum benefit from ALL your traffic by capturing names and email addresses as well as offering valuable reports and follow-up ecourses).
  • Receive the added benefit of search engine results when you include a powerful title and compelling description and keyword meta tag data to your site (makes it easy to boost your visibility, increase the flow of targeted viewer traffic, and put you ahead of the competition).

Get it now: EZ Affiliate Site.

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  1. If this product is not available, why don’t you take it off the web. It is frustrating to keep seeing a “Sold Out ” sign. Just get it off already!!.

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