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fGallery on WordPress

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  • This plugin only test with WordPress 2+
  • GD library
  • ZZIPlib


You can download from here.


  • Unzip to WordPress plugin directory
  • Create wp-content/fgallery directory for the images and make it writeable

    chmod 777 wp-content/fgallery
  • Activate fGallery plugin
    WP Admin > plugin
    and activate fGallery
  • Add a new link to my blog to view the photos (if needed), but I don’t make it. If you want to see my images simple click the images on my side bar 😀

Manage Galleries

Just go to Admin > FGallery > Manage Galleries and You can manage your galleries.

Upload Images

You can upload images through

WP Admin > fGallery > fGallery

Edit CSS
You can edit CSS through
WP Admin > fGallery > Edit CSS

Showing Images in the Sidebar

(I like this fiture)
Random images from gallery

<?php fim_random_images($number_to_show, $thumbnail_width); ?>

Latest images from gallery

<?php fim_get_latest_images($number_to_show, $thumbnail_width); ?>

You can put that php tag on somewhere in your sidebar.php. You must replace
$number_to_show and $thumbnail_width with integer value.For my blog, I use $number_to_show=’4′ and $thumbnail_width=’64’

Well done. Good Luck

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  1. I got error message below when I go to plugin: deactivate and back to activate it:
    WordPress database error: [Multiple primary key defined]
    ALTER TABLE ws6q9jzl7p_fim_images ADD PRIMARY KEY (id)
    WordPress database error: [Multiple primary key defined]
    ALTER TABLE ws6q9jzl7p_fim_cat ADD PRIMARY KEY (id)
    What is it? Is it a bug? Or something wrong with my installation? Need help please… Thx before..

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