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Firefox Vs Flock

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Yesterday, I just installed flock on my personal computer, both into my operating system Ubuntu and Windows. It’s a time to compare between Firefox and Flock covering eachs strengths and weaknesses. Here is what I’ve found:


Firefox Web BrowserFirefox, is a great web browser, and is supported by many websites. You can download many themes and extensions via, but they all have their limits.

Firefox features

  • Firefox Extensions! Firefox has a lot of extensions to expand your web browser.
  • Firefox Themes. Firefox gives you the ability to fully customize your browser to look the way you want.
  • Supported on most websites.
  • You need to do some research and add alot of extensions to get the full potential out of Firefox.
  • Extensions can slow your browsing down a bit and the memory leak, although much better, is still a bit of an issue.


Flock Web BrowserFlock, The Social Web Browser, designed mainly for bloggers, and it is much like Firefox. Flock, suspiciously has everything Firefox has, because Flock uses the same codebase.

Flock Features

  • Flock Extensions! You’ll notice a compatible version of many of your favorite Firefox extensions.
  • Flock Themes.
  • Sync up your web browser. You can sync up your browser with Flickr or Photobucket for your pictures, for social bookmarking and with your blogging platform (Typepad, Blogger, WordPress, and Movable Type).
  • My News, which allows you to subscribe to feeds with one click, drag and drop items into custom folders, and get notifications in one location.
  • Star button in the address bar. It gives you a one click option to remember the webpage.
  • Drag and drop photo comments on MySpace, eBay, LiveJournal and many other major sites.
  • Batch upload pictures to Photobucket.
  • Notification when Photobucket buddies put up new pictures.
  • Search results as you type into the search box.

Bottom Line

  • Firefox has the best customization features and many websites support it. But, it crashes and has some flaws.
  • Flock has special features, like Blogging tools, not found in any other browser. But, is beta, and has many bugs.

How about you, between Flock and Firefox: Which is better for you?

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!



  1. I use both. The blogger in me is really loving flock, although since it’s still in beta, I’m not ready to make it my default browser yet. It has it’s pros and cons, but I think it may give FireFox a run for it’s money.

  2. Hmm, we cannot compare the two really, especially considering that Flock is still in its beta and Firefox is reached the 2.0 version. Flock is still based on the older Firefox 1.5.x codebase. The 0.8 beta release of Flock is going to be based on the FF2.0 codebase.

    Now, Flock has not started to chuck FF outta the picture, coz well it’s a simple reason that they can’t. They need the FF code to run Flock. They are branding it as a “social” browser, the name Flock even ;-)! So, yeah making it a default browser can be even thought about ONLY once they are on the level playing field. As of now, my relationship with Flock has of course been on-and-off. I give it a whirl, every time they update, however, it’s never really spent time on my computer for more than a couple of weeks at a stretch =D!

  3. Flock is a no-brainer for me. I actually haven’t been using Firefox in favor of Safari for a long time because Safari handles RSS feeds in a much better manner than Firefox. In the flock testing build I’m using (.8.0.99) it handles virtually all Firefox Extensions I’ve tried (from Mozilla’s site) handles RSS feeds better than Safari as a whole (although I’ve encountered a lot of bugs) has a search bar that will search your local favorites and give quick access to them, and has the social element to boot. The only area I see Firefox as still being superior is in the themes department. Installing Firefox Themes in flock makes it so the feed reader just blatantly doesn’t work, and there are no flock themes on the official site. I’m hoping for improvement here in the future. Oh yeah. Flock is also buggier and less stable. That’s something I’m expecting to be fixed in the future, but if it bugs me too much, I’ll head back to Safari.

  4. @Fry: Much thanks for your analysis. I’m convinced to try Flock again after reading it. I’m in the same predicament as you: I like Firefox for what it is, but Safari is so much more polished and stable. However, if Flock actually handles RSS (Safari’s only exclusive feature better than Safari, it might be worth the bug hunt.

  5. I have been using Firefox for a long time.It is a fantastic web browser.Safari is also a useful browser.I have recently downloaded Flock in my computer.Its fine but not as good as Firefox or Safari.Lets wait for the upgrade version of Flock.

  6. I hate Flock, cuz it’s a copied Firefox!!! There is only 1 stinkin’ difference, it’s the menu (for bloggers), and that it starts much longer than Firefox! I think that Flock is a total Rip-Off!!!

    P.S. GO SAFARI!!!

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