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Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox

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Installing Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox is easy. Here is a guide to install Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox.

We have two methods to install Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, through the browser and the command line.

Through The Browser

Perhaps you always fail when installing Flash Player Plug-in through the browser will always fail.

You need an quick way to fix it.

Open your terminal application and insert thei following command:

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins

You should install Flash plugin without a hitch.

Through The Command Line

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
sudo update-flashplugin

Restart Mozilla Firefox.

Well done!


  1. Why can’t I use the flash player when I have used it in the past??
    I was going to download it again, but what is terminal application?

  2. Re installation of flash player plug in, I have no idea how to open the termianl application. Will you please advise an inexperienced computer user.

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