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Free E-mail Icon Generator

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Email Icon Generator

You can keep your email address safe on the web using an image file that show your email address. The reason behind this is that spambots (the automated computer programs which scan for e-mail addresses on the web) can read text in links, but there?s no way they can detect the content of an image, only that an image exists. Email icon turns your plain and ordinary email address into a stylish email badge using the appropriate logo for your email service (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL and many others are supported). You can create your email icon yourself or using free email icon generator service.


  • E-Mail Icon Generator lets you create a badge with your email address.
  • The icon can be used to link to your email address on web sites, blogs and forums, for example.
  • E-Mail Icon Generator supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL address and a few other domains.
  • You can download your own copy or use an icon generated by E-Mail Icon Generator as it is used.
  • Use only the icon (and no mailto: link) to prevent spammers from collecting your address.


supriyadisw at gmail dot com supriyadisw at yahoo dot com supriyadisw at hotmail dot com supriyadisw at aol dot com


  1. Using image icon for contact email is very useful if you don’t want spammers using robots to spam your email with whatever you don’t need. (You know what I mean) Spams can be irritating and might use up your important email disk space.

    Tashi Khoo

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