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Gaim 2.0 Beta on Ubuntu Dapper

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Gaim 2.0 Beta

The beta release of Gaim 2.0 has been made available to download from Sourceforge. There is no .deb package for Ubuntu Dapper. You can install Gaim 2.0 Beta from debuntu repository.

Here is a little guide how to install Gaim 2.0 Beta into your Ubuntu Dapper.

“People using Ubuntu Edgy should rather use the “will be official” package from ubuntu standard repository.” – gaim-200beta31 deb package for ubuntu dapper.


Gaim 2.0 Beta About

Gaim 2.0 About

Gaim 2.0 Beta Plugin Menu

Gaim 2.0 Plugin Menu

Gaim 2.0 Beta Status Menu

Gaim 2.0 Status Menu

Add debuntu deb’s repository

deb dapper multiverse
deb-src dapper multiverse

Download public key

sudo apt-key add GPG-Key-chantra.txt

Update your repository

sudo apt-get update

Install Gaim 2.0 Beta

sudo apt-get install gaim

Simply click on the Applications menu in the Internet section to start Gaim.

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!


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