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Gaim Guifications OSX Theme

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What is Guifications?

Guifications is a Gaim plugin that displays msn style “toaster” popups in a user defined corner of the screen. It’s highly configurable, easy to use, and has theme support. It really is the end all, be all, toaster popup plugin for Gaim!

The Gaim OSX Guifications Theme based on OS-L Iconset from gupetto.


Get this guifications theme from here:


Extract the gaim_osx_guifications.tar.gz to ~/.gaim/guifications/themes by:

tar zxvf gaim_osx_guifications.tar.gz --directory=~/.gaim/guifications/themes

or extract it to /usr/share/pixmap/gaim/guifications/themes

sudo tar zxvf gaim_osx_guifications.tar.gz --directory=/usr/share/pixmap/gaim/guifications/themes

You need Mac Fonts because I use Lucida Grande font. You can view my little Howto about Mac Font On Dapper Drake. Please leave a comment here. Any comment will be appreciate. Thank You very much. Have a great day…



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