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Google Checkout Part of AdSense Referral

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Google today added Checkout to the AdSense referral program, in addition of AdSense, AdWords, Firefox and Google Packs.

It means you as AdSense publisher can now refer your users to Google Checkout through AdSense.

How the the new referral button works?

Well, every time you refer a user to Google Checkout, you make a little money. It’s a simple process that includes all of three steps:

  1. You place the Checkout referral button on your site.
  2. Someone clicks on the button, signs up as a buyer with Google Checkout using a valid U.S. credit card, and completes a purchase of at least $10 before shipping and tax through Checkout within 90 days. (The current $10 minimum purchase corresponds to our existing $10 promotion for new buyers, so this amount may change in the future.)
  3. You earn $1.

Adsense ReferralsIt’s that simple. But please note that Checkout referrals are currently only available for U.S. publishers, and Google Checkout is currently only available for buyers with a U.S. credit card.

Hopefully both Checkout and Checkout Referrals available in more countries soon. 🙂

If you’re not convinced, why not try it out yourself? . It costs nothing to sign up (actually, you’ll even get a $10 bonus) and it’ll make shopping online a little easier.

Source: Referrals, now with Google Checkout


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