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Google Related Links for WordPress

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You can add dynamic content for your WordPress with Google Related Links unit. With Google Related links you always have fresh content.

Google Related Links don?t give you revenue directly but you can use them to keep your site fresh and interesting. This unit would be alternative trick beside show RSS feed on your WordPress 😉 You can choose many options here:

  • Size: Leaderboard, Banner, Medium Rectangle, and Small Rectangle.
  • Link type: Searches, News, Videos, and Web Pages.
  • Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue, White, Yellow, Grey, Pink, or Green.
  • Finally, get your code

Adding Google Related Links to WordPress

  • Open wp-content/themes//index.php
  • You may place it in single.php, post.php or page.php also. You may place it inside theloop.php 🙂
  • Add Google Related Links code where you’d like the Google Related Links unit to appear.
  • Well done!
Google Related Links



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