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Hot Dates Plugin for WordPress

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Hot dates is a format the date of your posts into something that looks like a single page per day calendar. This plugin is inspirated by:

  • Hot Dates with CSS
  • CSS Date Blocks for Blogs

This plugin makes it simple to add a format the date of your posts into something that looks like a single page per day calendar. You can see at this page, as live demo 🙂


  • Download the plugin and unzip it to your PC
  • Upload the folder “hotDates” and all of its contents into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress site Admin.
  • Your done! Enjoy


To show your Hot Dates, you can call a PHP plugin function. The syntax is as follows:

<?php hotDates(); ?>

However, it?s strongly recommended that you always confirm that the function is available to keep from generating PHP errors or breaking your page display, using the following syntax:

<?php if (function_exists('hotDates')) { hotDates(); }?>

I recommend place that syntax near your title post (left), both in single.php and index.php.


Change Log

  • 07/15/2006: Initial public release.


FREE! You can tell me where you place this plugin. It will be very much appreciated. Thanks a bunch and good luck 😀


  1. Beautiful Plugin! Which picture working on software or (from where you have the Icon?) do you take? I would like the calendar sheet in another color…

  2. I’m new to WordPress, this may be obvious to others but I cant figure out where to put the code… I don’t have a single.php file anywhere… help? thanks! d.

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  4. Hello,
    Just wondering if anyone could help. I did something stupid and started my blog using a numerical archive system, and now I'd like to change it so that the post title is part of the URL for SEO reasons. Is there any WordPress plugins that anyone knows of that could switch it without sending Googlers to invalid pages? Maybe some sort of redirector to the correct page?


  5. Hi

    The link for the download doesn’t seem to work anymore. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fix this because I wanted to try this plugin!


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