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How to Read Ubuntu Partition on Windows

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If you use dual boot system, just like me 😀 , perhaps you need switch Operating System between Ubuntu and Windows. One day you work with your Ubuntu, save data and do anything else. In next day, you switch to your Windows but you need data that you have saved on your Ubuntu partition. The best solution is you make a share partition for your Ubuntu and Windows. You can use this partition to save all of your data.

But someday you just forgot to save your data into your share partition. Now you work with your Windows and your data in your Ubuntu partition. You really need this data and feel sick to reboot your PC just to get this data. Personally, it’s just happen to me 😉

No problem, you can explore your Ubuntu partition with your Windows. You can use Explore2fs. But feel free to use another software.


Explore2fs is a GUI explorer tool for accessing ext2 and ext3filesystems. It runs under all versions of Windows and can read almostany ext2 and ext3 filesystem.


  1. It’s not the right approach – it is VERY slow, it creates a temporary copy and so on – the RIGHT approach is ext2fsd – which unfortunately seems to be abandoned 🙁

  2. Hi, there!

    I did use Explore2fs once but I didn’t like it.
    I’d very appreciate if a son of god develop a tool for reiserfs filesystem.

  3. Nice. Reinstalled windows and Ubuntu got Caped. Do not have the time to search for a solution and this little thing saved me from that. Will reinstall Ubuntu, Ubuntu studio later. Take care all dual-booters.

  4. I think the best way to do this is to use IFS Drives. It’s a driver for windows that allow explorer to access any etx2 or ext3 filesystem like another windows filesystem. Just choose a letter for your linux partition from the control panel and you’re done!
    here-s the link :

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