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Marnie is an expert in Alaska Adventures for women. Since 1984, she has explored more than 80 villages and towns in the state and has cruised by small vessel to many of the towns and habitations along Alaska’s Inside Passage. Marnie has roamed the state by Bush plane, dog sled, snow machine, helicopter, hummer, automobile, railcar, and motor boat.

For 3 years, Marnie lived and worked in 2 off-road Bush villages and in one remote on-road village, each possessing a distinctive Native community. By living in villages and traveling throughout Alaska, Marnie has become knowledgeable about the lifestyles, culture, and art of Native groups.

Marnie returns to Alaska regularly to renew contacts, seek out distinctive lodgings, eateries, and attractions, and to revitalize her spirit. Marnie’s speaking presentations include “Mushing, Midnight Sun, and Potlatches: Adventures YOU Can Experience in Alaska;” “Alaska Women Dog Mushers: Heroes for the Modern Age;” and “Lead Dog Leadership: Mushers Create Winning Businesses.”

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