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Indonesian DVDs Ubuntu Repository

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Ubuntu Repository

One of problem using Ubuntu or another GNU/Linux distro is program installation. One package depends on another package(s) that you must install before, called “dependencies issue”. Ubuntu provides a suitable mechanism installation but it will be not suitable when we need Internet access to server repository. This situation will not be a problem for the people that have fast and cheap internet connection. However, for the people that have a slow and expensive Internet connection, it is a big problem. Personally, this situation is a big problem for me 🙁

Due to expensive Internet access, sound sad but it’s true 🙁 , the Indonesian Ubuntu community has had quite a unique approach to distribute the whole Ubuntu software package in DVDs. It’s a great idea for Indonesian Ubuntuholic. Huraay… ! 😀 This DVDs allowed you to install Ubuntu package(s) without the need for Internet access.

How to use DVDs Ubuntu repository?

You can use Command line interface or Synaptic way to install package(s) using DVDs repository.

Command Line Interface

  • Insert DVDs repo Ubuntu into your DVD-ROM, next type this following command:
  • sudo apt-cdrom add
  • Wait until finish packages scan
  • You can name DVD repository yourself, eg. Ubuntu-Main-Restricted
  • After finished, insert the next DVD and repeat step above


  • Open Synaptic “System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager”
  • In Synaptic Package Manager, choose “Settings > Repositories”, next “Add Cdrom” then insert DVD repository into DVD-ROM and wait until CD-ROM csan finished.

To install program type this command:

sudo apt-get install aplicationName



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  1. i used the ubuntu 9.04 repository dvd,but when used:
    mint ~ # sudo apt-cdrom add
    Using CD-ROM mount point /cdrom/
    Unmounting CD-ROM
    Waiting for disc…
    Please insert a Disc in the drive and press enter
    Mounting CD-ROM…
    Identifying.. [b7da2b140089dd73b273859fafba0660-2]
    Scanning disc for index files..
    Found 2 package indexes, 0 source indexes, 0 translation indexes and 0 signatures
    Found label ‘Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ DVD Repository – i386 – Disk 1 of 6’
    This disc is called:
    ‘Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ DVD Repository – i386 – Disk 1 of 6’
    Copying package lists…
    gzip: stdout: No space left on device
    E: Sub-process gzip returned an error code (1)
    E: gzip failed, perhaps the disk is full.

    can you help me?

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