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Mac Font on Dapper Drake

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About Mac Fonts

  • Mac Fonts
  • AppleGaramond
  • Aquabase
  • Lucida Grande
  • Lucida Mac
  • lucon
  • MacGrand


You need Mac Fonts. You can download them from osx-e. After downloaded, you need to install them on Dapper Drake:

sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/macfonts
sudo cp Fonts/* /usr/share/fonts/macfonts
sudo fc-cache -f -v

Choose the Fonts

You can choose the fonts from:
System -> Preferences -> Font
From Font Preferences, I choose these following fonts:

  • Application font: Lucida Grande 9
  • Document font: Lucida Grande 9
  • Desktop font: MACGrande 9
  • Window title font: LucidaMacBold
  • Fixed width font: Lucida Console

Feel free to make your own choice 😀


You need addition configuration to make your Mac Fonts look nice for you. Type command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

At the first fontconfig configuration screen, you can choose:

  • Native if you want your fonts look like picture 1.
  • Autohinter if you want your fonts look like picture 2.
  • None if you want your fonts look like picture 3.

For the next screen, let them by default.

You may need restart your session to make changes effect by logout and login again. Please leave a comment here. Any comment will be appreciate. Thank You very much. Good luck…



  1. mas supri saya lagi bljr linux bisa ngga sih gnome
    ku didandanin kaya mac ada ngga sih docker kayak
    kxdocker tapi buat gnome

    makasih mas

  2. Bisa-bisa aja gnome mirip ama mac. Tapi mungkin tetep kalah ama yang aslinya 😀 Kalo docker yang khusus buat gnome sich kayanya blom ada. Setahu saya loch. Kali aja perlu search lagi. Selama ini aku pakai KXDocker (aslinya untuk KDE tapi sudah bisa buat GNOME juga). Terus aku ganti pake Engage. Tentu ada kurang dan lebihnya di masing2 aplikasi. Aku juga masih belajar kok. Bagi-bagi ilmu donk… Thx…

  3. Hi. Congratulations for the excelent well writen text.

    I’ve followed all instructions above but occurs a instigant problem. Those fonts appears be installed and can read in certain programs but in the Font Preferences. It can see all the Macfonts (like Lucida Grande etc), but type all of them in the same wrong way: instead normal letters it shows very small letters and numbers all of then as an unique font. If I choose one of them, everything get crazy and irreadable.

    Could anyone say to me what’ s wrong?

  4. I followed the mac font suggestion of this website, and I have to say: this is the only thing that makes Edgy on my Latitude D600 laptop look nice. Bitstream or Microsoft fonts just don’t seem to do the trick as well… Why isn’t this a more popular option?
    I agree that fonts and look-and-feel issues are probably the major thing that holds back Ubuntu at this time. People spend hours in front of their monitors and having it look good is more important than anything. This is probably also the *only* reason why Windows Vista will be succesful: it hurts less on the eyes…

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for your 2 great tutorials about transforming Dapper into OS X. I used it on Kiwi which is a distro based on Gutsy and it works great on the Kiwi. Some points differed by name but it was easy to understand and follow your steps.

    In addition, I deleted original panel and made new one on the bottom which is now just an Application Launcher. On both top and bottom panel I choosed solid color with huge transparency so they don’t contrast to much with blue desktop. I removed some icons from the top bar as well to look cleaner.

    Did you write tutorial on these panel things? How to make launch panel?

    The only thing that bothers me, is left upper corner. An Apple sign over there would be great. Do you happen to know how it can be done?


    Here is mine printscrren of desktop

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