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Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK

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This is a great idea to make Ubuntu Dapper look and feel like Mac OSX. Someone, aquila_deus (CMIIW), hacked gtk2 to use mac-style menubars. You can find his patch from

This menu bar is tested with gtk 2.10.1/2/3 & gtk 2.8.19, under compiz-quinn, xfce 4.4 svn, and blackbox.


Mac-style Menubar 1 Mac-style Menubar 2

Note: Screenshot was taken from the original thread without permission.

Several problems with this menu bar:

  • Some menubar parts (not menu) may be not repainted well.
  • Mouse movement on menubar can’t activate other menus, you have to click or use the old x-window/mac style (press button until you select the target item).
  • When you move mouse pointer to menus, it’s treated as the mouse has left menubar.
  • You can always move/resize the menubar by Alt+mouse buttons.

Here are how to patch gtk2:

  • get gtk2 source
  • cd …../…./gtk+-2.10.X (X means the version number)
  • patch -p0 < ……./…./gtkmenubar.diff
  • configure and make & install

Debs Package for Dapper

You can try this debs package for Dapper:

But I got error when I tried installed this into my Ubuntu Dapper 🙁

Error – The Application “gnome-panel” has quit unexpectedly.


Error – I’ve detected a panel already running, and will now exit.

I will try to install it again. Wish me luck 😀

My wish list:

  • Error fix for Dapper debs package
  • Ubuntu repo for this package

Original thread from here:


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