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Make Money With Clickbank Hop Ad Builder

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If you are a ClickBank affiliate, then there is good news for you. ClickBank has released a fabulous new tool called Hop Ad Builder. This tool or widget lets you create AdSense type Text Ads or a Tabbed Ad Box for ClickBank products which you can display on your Web site or blog.

With these ads you will not be paid per click but per sale when someone buys a product.How much you earn per sale varies with different products but expect anywhere from $10 to $50 on average in most niches.

This new tool is nice because for awhile the only way you could accomplish this was with a paid piece of software. Now its free fro the good people at ClickBank.

So if you have AdSense sites that pay out very low or were banned from adsense these maybe a good alternative for you. I think they will do great in the weight loss and make money online niche.

You can choose the size and color of the ad boxes and then copy the code into your website. If someone then clicks on your ad and buys a product from that site, you can earn up to 75% of the sale!

ClickBank HopAd Builder

Why Clickbank Hop Ad Builder

Below are the ways and reason why you should use this tool:

  1. Text Ads Builder: If you have Adsense oriented sites that is not doing so well or have been banned from Adsense then ClickBank HopAd builder could be a reasonable alternative. You just have to create keyword targeted ClickBank Ads and your affiliate hop link id including your tracking id will be automatically embedded in these Ads. Also you have the option to configure the size and look of these Ad Boxes to match your blog or site.
    Unlike in Google’ Adsense Ads, you can easily change the “Ads By ClickBank” text with your own or leave it out altogether.
  2. Tabbed Ad Box Builder: With this tool you can create a multi-tabbed Ad Box to display on your site or blog. Each tab can be customized with a unique title and keywords, enabling you to promote different types of products within the same Ad Box widget. This widget can be easily used in the sidebar widgets of your blog because it displays only ad headlines instead of the full text.
    Also something very different to Adsense is that you can also change the ‘header text’ which will help you to increase your website CTR’s.

This a great feature from ClickBank that distinguishes it even more from AdSense!

Have a great day and gud lak! 😀

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  1. This is great.

    Have just installed the tabbed widget on one of my WordPress blogs and it works a treat.

    Nice one.

  2. Welcome!
    It’s quite long a while when i needed to use US postal address to become CB member. But now, thanks CB, you’re coming. So i don’t need US postal address anymore, i can use my indonesian address now!

    keep it always updated, pak!

  3. i just recently signed up with Clickbank and so far i earn some good cash from them. Clickbank is advisable for blogs and websites who receive mostly US traffic.

  4. i also want to make money online that is why i immediately joined the google adsense program and also read a lot about making money on websites and blogs. i am also trying to learn affiliate marketing.

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