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Movable Type Goes Open Source

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SixApart have released a new beta version of popular blogging content management system, Movable Type 4.0.

Moveable Type 4.0 is the first major release of Movable Type since MT 3.0 in 2004 and comes complete with a market disrupting announcement: SixApart will open source Movable Type before the end of the third quarter.

The new version of Movable Type is a radical departure from previous versions.

MT4 includes more than 50 new features including a new installation and upgrade wizard, easier and more powerful template management tools that speed site development, all new default templates and themes, and a completely redesigned user interface focused on streamlining common tasks.

movable typeMT4 as social media platform allows users to turn their readers into communities through Movable Type’s new community management features, with the ability to give users the right to post, add and share rich text and media posts with photos, videos, and audio. MT4 also includes a new ratings framework that enables a variety of recommendation features.

Scalability is dramatically improved with built in support for database caching through Data::Object Driver and Memcached, incorporating technology that powers Vox, LiveJournal and TypePad, as well as Web 2.0 sites including AOL, Microsoft, Digg, Wikipedia, Craigslist and Facebook.

The new licensing model once MT 4 is opened source will be similar to MySQL, the paid version will include technical and product support from SixApart.

WordPress is a good blogging platform and popular among individual bloggers but Movable Type, with its ability to run multiple blogs from a single installation is gaining ground in enterprise applications.

Give it a try guys: movable type v4.0 beta 1 – online demo

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  1. Finally they go open source. This is good news, especially because we’re probably going to see a lot of great improvements in the future.

    I like the fact that I can run multiple blogs…as I’m having to do that through Firefox right now.

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