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New Revenue Source from Performancing

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Today, I got email from Performancing about a new program from them. Performancing introduces Performancing Publisher Partners, offering bloggers yet another revenue source.

You can use Partners ads with AdSense in the same page. Partners ads are not exclusive and are not a contextual product so do not conflict with the terms of some other systems. Sound great! 😉

The Partner payouts for referrals is an attractive feature because it generates residual income over time. Residual income really helps when trying to create income over time by decoupling the revenue stream from your action.

Revenue share and residual income

The main points of revenue share are:

  • You take 70% of advertising revenue your blog generates.
  • Performancing takes 30%
  • You take 5% of income generated by any publisher or advertiser you refer to us

There are two ways in which a price can be set for ads on your blog:

  • You let us do all the work and use “auto pricing”, which means we set the price based on niche CPM averages and continually, algorithmically tweak the price for best results,
  • you can set it yourself.

My two cents

Partner ads sound great and I should to try this. By placing the Partners code on my blog I open my blog to a wide variety of advertisers whilst being free to concentrate on what I do best: Blog… Just what they said 😀

Performancing Publisher Partners


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