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Hiks, Kayanya Kena Flu…

Waduh badanku rasanya kagak enak nich. Kayanya mau kena flu. Tapi aku gak mau kena flu. Hiks… Mungkin karena cuaca yang suka berubah kaya gini yach. Lagi pancaroba sich. mau ke musim kemarau nich kayanya. Tapi kok di Bandung dingiiin banget ya… :-/ Tapi juga karena aku suka begadang di kantor ya. Masak jadi manusia… Keep Reading


Rotate My Wallpaper Over Time

I find a nice script from to rotate my wallpaper over time (GNOME). Just follow this tutorial: Make sure you have all dependencies sudo apt-get install libgnomevfs2-dev build-essential Download source code from here Compile source code gcc -Wall -o change-bg `pkg-config --cflags --libs gnome-vfs-2.0 gconf-2.0` change-bg.c Place all of your backgrounds in one folder Get… Keep Reading


Firefox memory hungry?

Firefox is one of Web Browser. See more detail here. What’s the problem? My desktop goes to slowly after a long time. When I type top at my terminal. The command firefox-bin is the top of memory usage at my dapper. Then my desktop goes freeze… Hiks… Is it a bug or anything else? Any… Keep Reading


Dynamic Signature

I have an idea to display dynamic signature using my userbar. Basic idea is display random image on my site. How to make it? Create a folder on my webserver Upload the images I’d like to rotate into it Upload the script into the same folder Check this out by defining the script as the… Keep Reading


Signature on Blogger

By default there no signature template at Blogger, correct me if I wrong :D. So, I must make it “manually” when I post something to Blogger. I have idea to make it using post template feature at Blogger. You can find this by go to Settings > Formatting > and you will get Post Template… Keep Reading


Ubuntu Forum Userbars

What is this? User bar can be use for your signature in forum or another places. You can promote something or just express yourself. How to use it? You can download this userbar, upload it to your host logo, and hotlink to these for signatures and stuff. (inspired by crmaykish from Gnome-Look). Ubuntu Userbars Ubuntuholic… Keep Reading


Gaim Messenger NuoveXT Icon Theme

Gaim Messenger is a multi-platform instant messenger that supports many commonly used instant messaging systems. I had modified Gaim icon set theme based on NuoveXT-1.6 iconset. I made two version. The first version show messenger protocol with gaim logo and the second one without gaim logo. Requirements This iconset theme should work on any recent… Keep Reading


My Last Long Weeked

Ini adalah pengalaman long weekend-ku yang kemaren. Tanggal 8 – 10 April 2006. Napa disebut long weekend coba. Karena ada beberapa hari libur yang berurutan dan terjadi di akhir minggu. Malah Senin kemaren juga libur juga. Hehehe…. Hari pertama Pertama pergi ke nikahannya Kak Lina Farmasi ITB angkatan 1996. Sebenernya ikutan aja sich karena diajakin… Keep Reading


Ubuntu Dapper OSX Style

Just another theme to make my Dapper to OSX looklike: Theme: T-ish-Aquastyle by Tmilovan. Control: tish-aquastyle by Tmilovan. Window Border: Humanoid-OSX SineDie. Icon Set: OSX by Kiddo. Dock: Engage with OSX icon set (modified by myself). Firefox: iFox Smooth (Themes) and Compact Menu (Extensions). Thunderbird: Tiger Mail (Themes) Link T-ish-Aquastyle Humanoid-OSX OSX iFox Smooth Compact… Keep Reading


Engage on Dapper Drake

What is Engage? Engage is a dockbar based on Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. There are two version of Engage. There’s a standalone version and a module version for E17. The module Engage currently works as an app-launcher, taskbar and a system tray. Click here for more detail. I install Engage on My Ubuntu Dapper Drake as… Keep Reading

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