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Dial up is not dead. Many of us stopped using dial-up sometime ago. Dial-up became something that we were very happy to forget about.

However for 40% of Web surfers dial-up is still an everyday and regular tool that they use. The new service called has just launched. is an ISP, currently only serving the state of California, that offers dial-up access for $3.95 a month. That’s a pretty good deal if you are looking to save money.

For those using broadband, it serves as an excellent back up in case the broadband services goes down.

For a more dollar extra, users can opt for the Accelerated package where downloading times are 3 times faster than the Basic Package.

For both the packages, users will get:

  • Up to five email boxes for family members, with two gigs of storage each –
  • Custom home page with local weather, news and more – powered by Google!
  • Calendar – maintain your personal schedule, includes alerts to your cell phone.
  • Chat – live chat with friends and family.

So if you online most of the time doing virtual assistance work or even just plain surfing around, it is advisable to reduce cost by getting unlimited use of bandwidth via a broadband connection than the slower modem basic connection that charges you by the minute.

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