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Pixel Art Web 2.0

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Web 2.0 done in some pretty cool pixel art. How many Web2.0 startups can you pick out?

Pixel Art Web 2.0

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  1. ha ha ha. sampe2 dituntut pluginnya?? ckckck..

    halo mas supriyadi.. Hehehe.. Jujur aja ya mas.. Aduh websitenya berantakan amat.. Ini iklannya distracting smua.. Rapiin atuh.. >

  2. Itu.. Yang paling mengganggu menurut aku sih yang adsense di post.. postnya jadi keliatan aneh.. Kedorong ke kanan gitu terus baru lanjut lagi di bawah.. Jadinya keliatan terlalu stuffed gitu..

    Hehehe.. Bandung? Dulu saya hampir kuliah di Bandung loh.. Saya keterima di Unpar.. Tapi ga jadi.. Malah ke Singapura..Hihihihi…

  3. Ashish Mohta, this picture is presented as a piece of art, not as a commercial of any kind. The problem is that the discretion of Google might differ from the discretion of the watcher like me, as our perspectives differ.

    Of course I don’t see this image as a misleading link. It’s a piece of art. Pixel art. I am only starting to learn about visual arts, so I can’t say my knowledge about arts being misleading could be connected with that.

    If this isn’t what was misleading then sorry, but this is presented me very obvious as a digital painting.

  4. @Trenyett the picture consists of small pixels, put together, which makes it resemble a vector, or completely straight line. If you were to set your screen to a lower resolution, or simply blow up the image, you would see each individual pixel

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