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First things first, this post is sponsored by PayPerPost.

PayPerPost has a great news for all bloggers and advertisers! PayPerPost v4.0 is now live for everyone.

It is a very simple and elegant way to earn money with no more waiting time for blog approvals.

The new site, so called PayPerPost v4.0 is very “Web2.0? and bubbly. They’ve got Twitter integration and some nice account management. Plus, they offered me some cash to write a short review of their new service.



  • Instant blog approvals.
  • Blog sites are automatically eligible to receive offers after submission.
  • Unlike classic version, new version allows 3 days’ time to complete the offer. So, enough time for those who are always on the go!
  • Advertiser has 3 days to review your post and if they don’t review it, it’s automatically approved!
  • Only drawback is that, unlike classic version which allowed 3 chances for editing, you are allowed only one chance to make corrections if the advertiser doesn’t approve your post. Thus, you need to be extra careful while editing the post to be eligible for payment.
  • Also, cash out to your PayPal account will be made available once you have accumulated $50.00 as compared to classic version in which it was instant.

So, if you’re a blogger trying to make a little dough with your blog, why not give the new PPP a try. Happy blogging guys and have a great day!


  1. I saw this one when I visited PPP and I quickly visited the new version, enrolled my 3 blogs and hopefully they will accept and I can make some money…

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