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SEO Elite is a popular piece of SEO software developed by Brad Callen. It claims to help you get top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN – the most popular search engines in use today. Recently, they just upgraded their interface and capabilities, SEO Elite Version 4.0.

SEO Elite has helped optimize over 53,247 websites worldwide; a lot of them for highly competitive keywords and niche markets.

What exactly does SEO Elite do?

SEO Elite 4.0 performs 8 different tasks which help you improve your search engine rankings, such as:

  1. Analyze backlinks using a specified search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web and Altavista).
    This will allow you to find out why a page is ranking well, and then beat the competition and take their top spot.

    The information that SEO Elite retrieves for each of the backlinks includes: the URL, Google PR, Alexa Rank, page title, anchor text, number of outbound links on the page, total links on the page, Whois information for that page, Contact e-mail, and Link popularity.

    This function has many uses, many of which are explained in the comprehensive blueprint you receive when you buy SEO elite.

  2. Get links to your pages.
    Getting links from other sites pointing to yours is a big part of SEO. As the title suggests, this is all about finding sites who can link to you. It includes and emailer, which emails websites to offer a link exchange, and a link page creator which creates and helps you to maintain your link pages.

    SEO Elite can find, and contact high ranking authority sites to exchange links with. SEO Elite will even submit your site to link directories and will even build and maintain your links page for you.

  3. Analyze Allinanchor, allintitle and allintext.
    Allinanchor will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most backlinks containing the specified keyword.

    Allintitle will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most optimized page title for the specified keyword.

    Allintext will rank the websites in order of importance by the websites with the most optimized on page text for the specified keyword.

    This feature makes use of the search engine commands which allow you to show only results that contain your keyword in the anchor text, title tag, or body text. This is a useful tool for finding on-page SEO factors.

  4. Verify that link partners are still linking back.
    SEO Elite can automatically check your link partners, and let you know.

    This was the original purpose of Link Proctor which made it so valuable. As you can see, it is now just one of many important features of this superb software.

  5. Find out where your site is ranked for a given word.
    Check your Google, Yahoo, MSN, All the Web and Altavista rankings automatically. SEO Elite will tell you daily, weekly and monthly changes to your rankings.
  6. Find out how many pages are indexed.
    Which search engines have your pages in their index, and why are some pages not getting in? This tool can help you find which pages need more effort. This is a valuable function for tracking your newer sites, especially.
  7. Find possible authority websites.
    Find the best possibly potential link partners, and get SEO Elite to gather the contact information for you. Links from these sites are essential for top rankings in competitive niches.
  8. Article Submitter
    That’s right. SEO Elite will even submit your articles to article directories.

So how much does SEO Elite cost?

Well it isn’t cheap. But for everything it does, it isn’t expensive either.

Brad Callen keeps this software up to date for free. Over the last few years SEO Elite has been regularly updated to get it relevant and useful despite the constant search engine changes.

Also, SEO Elite comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee. This means you can try SEO Elite out, and if you decide it’s not for you, then you can easily get all of your money back.

In conclusion, If you are serious about improving your rankings in the search engines, then SEO Elite is a must have.

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