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StatCounter for WordPress Admin

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I developed this plugin based extensively on the works of Serge K. Keller for his plugin “StatCounter for WordPress”.

StatCounter for WordPress Admin is a plugin that will add StatCounter?s invisible counter code to the footer of each page of your WP Admin page. You will not need to edit any theme file, just configure the plugin from the “Options” page of your WP Admin area.

This plugin can use to give you some information when you get intruder attacks. I got idea from Thanks for this idea 🙂


  • Download the plugin and unzip it to your PC.
  • Upload the file statcounterAdmin.php into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress site Admin.
  • Configure it from the options page. You have to copy your StatCounter code here.
  • Your done! Enjoy.


First You have to get your StatCounter code.

  1. Login to StatCounter page.
  2. Click link “Add New Project”.
  3. Fill out the details, as per the instructions. You have to fill your “Website URL” with “http://yoursite/wp-admin/”, without quote.
  4. Fill out next detail, and you will get your StatCounter code.
  5. Done!


Change Log

  • 07/14/2006: Initial public release

Any suggestions, feedback, ideas, complaints, are welcome. Good luck…


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