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StatCounter Module for Drupal

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StatCounter is a free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. For more detail please visit StatCounter website.

StatCounter Module adds the StatCounter tracking system to your drupal website. This module is modified from Google Analytics Module by Mike Carter.


  • Drupal 4.7
  • StatCounter Installing Code


Copy the ‘statcounter’ module directory in to your Drupal modules directory as usual.


  • In the settings page enter your StatCounter installing code.
  • You will also need to define what user roles should be tracked. Simply tick the roles you would like to monitor.
  • All pages will now have the required JavaScript added to the HTML footer can confirm this by viewing the page source from your browser.
  • ‘admin/’ pages are automatically ignored by StatCounter.

Change Log

  • 06/27/2006: Upload StatCounter v 1

To Do

  • Add StatCounter installing code at sidebar to visible code as alternative



  1. Hi. This is great that you’ve written this module. I tried installing it on my site ( but it comes up as visible text at the bottom of my screen, and doesn’t count. I copy/pasted the code as it was given on StatCounter; is there something I should do differently?

  2. Nate, Thank’s for your question. The statcounter doesn’t count because this code doesn’t recognize as code but text. I’ll try to find out how to fix it. Good luck

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