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in Blogging/Review by is a new online marketplace and will catalog thousands of products and services, both physical products and digital products.

PayDotCom is a place for you to sell your products, software, or services online. Or, a place for you to make extra money selling some great products from PayDotCom marketplace as an affiliate.


Sell your products and services through PayDotCom online marketplace, and let PayDotCom take care of all your affiliate needs. All while getting paid instantly to your PayPal account. You can choose to sell using either PayPal or StormPay.


Promote products in PayDotCom marketplace and earn commissions as a PayDotCom affiliate. PayDotCom members area will allow you to track stats such as clicks, sales, and conversions.


How to Sign up with PayDotCom

Here is a brief overview on how to set up a free PayDotCom account:

  1. Go to and click Sign Up link.
  2. Vendors – to sell your own products. If you have just ONE product to sell, there is NO FEE! You can start selling immediately. For more than one product, there is a one off lifetime fee of $29 – for UNLIMITED PRODUCTS! The product DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A DIGITAL PRODUCT, either! You can collect shipping information at the time your customers pay.
  3. Fees. As a vendor you will not pay any more than $3 in fees. If you have Affiliates selling for you, you split the fee 50/50.
  4. Affiliates. There are no fees to pay as an affiliate. Even when you get paid, PayDotCom takes out the small affiliate fee ()50/50 split with the vendor) prior to the Vendor sending you your sales commission.
  5. Search the Market Place. If you are looking for products to promote, go and Search the Marketplace.
  6. That’s all there is to it.

My Two Cents

Since I , and many Indonesian, can not create ClickBank account, PayDotCom is an alternative affiliate network to ClickBank. I can try what kind ClickBank is using PayDotCom. Hopefully ClickBank give us opportunity for Indonesian to create account 😉

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

Withdraw Paypal In Indonesia

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You can download my ebook “Withdraw PayPal Indonesia” for FREE. Please view my post: E-book Withdraw PayPal Indonesia for the detail. Have a great day!

Withdraw PayPal is taking your money back from your PayPal account. As PayPal user, you can add fund or receive money from another PayPal user. Therefore when you need to take your money from PayPal, this process called withdraw.

This October is a great starting month for us as Indonesian with PayPal. We can create PayPal account 😉 But we still have a “little” problem. We are not lucky enough because we can not withdraw out money from PayPal.

PayPal accounts opened in this country or region currently cannot withdraw funds. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

We are continually expanding our global network to give valued users like you greater access to the wide range of PayPal options.

Even we can request or receive money from another PayPal user.

As a PayPal Send Only account holder, you are not permitted to receive funds from other PayPal account holders.

PayPal is constantly working to expand and improve services for our customers. We hope that we can enable you to use more of our award-winning services in the future.

Our PayPal account only to send money or buy something. Sound sad 🙁 But never mind, Better yet than never. Hopefully our PayPal account get more privileges from PayPal 😉


I just received an e-book from my friend about how to withdraw paypal in Indonesia. Here is my review about this e-book.

Summary of table of content (not at all):

  • What is Paypal?
  • Several plans to create Paypal account
  • How to create Clickbank account?
  • Alternative to credit card
  • Alternative e-commerce solutions
  • and many more…

You can find how to make PayPal really works for you as Indonesian like me. You can view my testimonial about this ebook on

Do you want to get this ebook for free? Of course I want to share it for free, but I can’t. I have promised to my friend not to distribute this ebook for free. Perhaps you can contact him to give you for free or you can buy this ebook from I think $17 not too expensive 😀

If you intend to make money online, then this is the ebook that you shouldn’t miss!!!

This is my personal review. Feel free to make your own decision and choice 😉

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

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