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Courage Cafe

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Courage Cafe is The Meeting Place For Business Owners Who Want More Money and Meaning In Their Business!

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I Dream Alaska Adventures

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Marnie is an expert in Alaska Adventures for women. Since 1984, she has explored more than 80 villages and towns in the state and has cruised by small vessel to many of the towns and habitations along Alaska’s Inside Passage. Marnie has roamed the state by Bush plane, dog sled, snow machine, helicopter, hummer, automobile, railcar, and motor boat.

For 3 years, Marnie lived and worked in 2 off-road Bush villages and in one remote on-road village, each possessing a distinctive Native community. By living in villages and traveling throughout Alaska, Marnie has become knowledgeable about the lifestyles, culture, and art of Native groups.

Marnie returns to Alaska regularly to renew contacts, seek out distinctive lodgings, eateries, and attractions, and to revitalize her spirit. Marnie’s speaking presentations include “Mushing, Midnight Sun, and Potlatches: Adventures YOU Can Experience in Alaska;” “Alaska Women Dog Mushers: Heroes for the Modern Age;” and “Lead Dog Leadership: Mushers Create Winning Businesses.”

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Rick Sessinghaus

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Rick Sessinghaus specializes in increasing people’s performance in their personal, business and athletic careers through speaking, training, and coaching. Rick found Sessinghaus Performance Systems Inc. with the purpose of helping others realize their full potential and live their dreams. Rick got his start helping athletes, chiefly golfers, improve their competitiveness. He soon discovered a demand to use his coaching methods to improve clients’ personal and professional lives, and found their success equal to that of his athletic clients.

Rick has devoted his life to the study of peak performance. As a former professional golfer, Rick has now found more satisfaction helping others achieve their dreams than he did in his own competitive career. Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success Rick studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance adding to his Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications, Rick received his Masters and Doctorate Degree in Applied Sports Psychology.

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Succeeding Solo

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Barbara provides expert business coaching to a select group of solo and small-firm attorneys who are ready to take their practices to the next level. She brings over fifteen years of solid business experience to her practice, working in large global firms as well as in a small consulting partnership that experienced many of the same issues her clients face.

Barbara holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, has completed over three years of formal training in business coaching, is certified to coach practice management processes, and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Barbara’s specialization in the business of law firm practice management began after working with attorneys who were not only overwhelmed and underpaid–they were smart, motivated, interesting and fast. Barbara’s style is direct, to the point, and somewhat irreverent- a good match for her attorney clients.

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Take a Step

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Jill is a coach to teens beginning the college search and selection process, helping them get clear on who they are and what they want (and need) in a college experience.

She is an educator, writer, speaker, parent of a college sophomore, and an alumni interviewer for Clark University.

Working with clients as a coach and trainer, Jill brings her academic background, her expertise in interactive learning, and decades of experience in the field.

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The Get Known Now Blog

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SUZANNE FALTER-BARNS teaches coaches, authors, speakers and other infopreneurs how to create a brand, branded website, blog and ezine that attract the major media. Suzanne has was a marketing consultant in New York City for nearly 20 years, working with corporations including The New York Times, Hearst, Conde Nast and Colgate Palmolive. She’s also worked as a freelance journalist and columnist for The New York Times, SELF, Fitness, More, and many other national publications,

She is also the author of two best selling self help books on living your creative dream. How Much Joy Can You Stand? (Ballantine) was a Main Selection of The One Spirit Book Club, and featured in Fitness, Woman’s Day, Writer’s Digest and on more than 100 radio and TV shows. Living Your Joy was named one of the top nine self help books in print by Self Magazine, and has been featured in many publications including the Christian Science Monitor.

Suzanne also appears occasionally as a speaker and professional singer. She lives on Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks with her husband and two children.

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Marika Costa

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Marika Costa worked in the education system as a classroom teacher, librarian, Special Education specialist, and resource teacher of the gifted and learning disabled.

Marika has also been a host on community television in a program entitled “Focus”, as well as being quoted as an expert in a Toronto Star article on learning styles and profiled in the Hamilton Spectator, on two occasions, as a Learning Specialist who develops individualized strategies in order to assist students to do better in school. Currently she is on the Board of Directors of the Burlington Literacy Council.

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Anything Hollywood

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AnythingHollywood is a celebrity gossip rag giving you all the uncensored news, rumors, gossips of Hollywood.

The site focuses mainly on good looking and obnoxious celebrities with exceptions of earth shaking news otherwise we focus on the superficials – the hot celebrities.

The content of the site is intended for entertainment only.

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