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Gaim Messenger NuoveXT Icon Theme

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Gaim Messenger is a multi-platform instant messenger that supports many commonly used instant messaging systems.

I had modified Gaim icon set theme based on NuoveXT-1.6 iconset.

I made two version. The first version show messenger protocol with gaim logo and the second one without gaim logo.


This iconset theme should work on any recent (1.5.0) version of Gaim. Currently I use Gaim Version 2 Beta 3 with my Ubuntu Dapper Drake.


  1. Download the Tar.gz-Archive file to your PC
  2. Extract the entire folder into your /usr/share/pixmaps/ directory
  3. Start your Gaim and this theme should work replace its default theme
  4. Your done! Enjoy

I use this following command to my Ubuntu Dapper Drake:

sudo tar zxvf gaim-nuoveXT-1.6.tar.gz --directory=/usr/share/pixmaps/
sudo tar zxvf gaim-nuoveXT-1.6-alt.tar.gz --directory=/usr/share/pixmaps/


If you want to restore your default Gaim theme, reconfigure your gaim-data. Your theme will back to its default.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gaim-data



To Do

  • My plan is make this theme to support Gaim Windows version. I will make execute file (*.exe). I still learn how to make it 😀 Any suggestion? But You can still use this theme by extract the entire folder into C:/Program media/Gaim/pixmaps directory.

Change Log

  • 07/30/2006: Update wireless icon (rotate 90 CCW).
  • 06/24/2006: Add Gaim default theme.
  • 06/08/2006: Update DND, extended_away, extendedaway, and wireless icons.
  • 05/23/2006: Update GUI on My WordPress. Update file. Delete README file. You can read all about it at here. I see 1427 downloads and 9 comments. Thx…
  • 05/19/2006: Update README file
  • 04/26/2006: Move link to download
  • 04/19/2006: Move to WordPress
  • 04/13/2006: Post this theme to my blogger and Gnome-look
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