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How to view CHM files on Ubuntu Dapper

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There are many computer books come with CHM format. I like the ability to read these files under my Ubuntu Dapper.

Gnochm is a CHM file viewer. It is designed to integrate nicely with Gnome. Gnochm has some really nice features for viewing chm files.



Gnochm View

Gnochm View

Gnochm Applications Menu

Gnochm Applications Menu

Gnochm Engage

Gnochm Engage

Installing Gnochm

sudo apt-get install gnochm

Simply click on the Applications menu in the Accessories section to start Gnochm and open your chm files.

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

Gaim 2.0 Beta on Ubuntu Dapper

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Gaim 2.0 Beta

The beta release of Gaim 2.0 has been made available to download from Sourceforge. There is no .deb package for Ubuntu Dapper. You can install Gaim 2.0 Beta from debuntu repository.

Here is a little guide how to install Gaim 2.0 Beta into your Ubuntu Dapper.

“People using Ubuntu Edgy should rather use the “will be official” package from ubuntu standard repository.” – gaim-200beta31 deb package for ubuntu dapper.


Gaim 2.0 Beta About

Gaim 2.0 About

Gaim 2.0 Beta Plugin Menu

Gaim 2.0 Plugin Menu

Gaim 2.0 Beta Status Menu

Gaim 2.0 Status Menu

Add debuntu deb’s repository

deb dapper multiverse
deb-src dapper multiverse

Download public key

sudo apt-key add GPG-Key-chantra.txt

Update your repository

sudo apt-get update

Install Gaim 2.0 Beta

sudo apt-get install gaim

Simply click on the Applications menu in the Internet section to start Gaim.

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

Flock on Ubuntu Dapper

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Flock is a free, open source web browser based on Firefox. Flock is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to share mediaand connect to other people online. Share photos, automatically stayup-to-date with new content from your favoritesites, and search the Web with the most advanced Search Toolbaravailabletoday. Flock is still in development and will be officially released and added to the Ubuntu repositories in future.

However, there is no Flock package for Ubuntu Dapper. Therefore youshould install flock by yourself using your terminal. Installing Flockon Ubuntu Dapper is easy;Grab the tarball, unpack it and run the binary. That it 😀


Flock Browser Menu

Flock Browser Menu

Flock Browser Flickr

Flock Browser Flickr

Flock Browser Blog

Flock Browser Blog

Flock Engage

Flock Engage

Here are the detail steps to install Flock on Ubuntu Dapper

Download The Flock Installer for Linux

Go to Flock Homepage to get the newest version.

Extract The Flock Installer

Open your terminal and type this following command:

sudo tar -C /opt -zxvf flock-*.linux-i686.tar.gz

Test Flock


Create Link

sudo ln -s /opt/flock/flock /usr/bin/flock

Create Application Menu

sudo vi /usr/share/applications/Flock.desktop

Insert this following text into your new file:

[Desktop Entry]
 Comment=Flock Web Browser
 GenericName=Flock Web Browser

Refresh Gnome Panel

killall gnome-panel

Well done!

Removing Flock

sudo rm /usr/bin/flock
sudo rm /usr/share/applications/Flock.desktop
sudo rm -rf /opt/flock

Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox

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Installing Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox is easy. Here is a guide to install Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox.

We have two methods to install Flash Player Plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, through the browser and the command line.

Through The Browser

Perhaps you always fail when installing Flash Player Plug-in through the browser will always fail.

You need an quick way to fix it.

Open your terminal application and insert thei following command:

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins

You should install Flash plugin without a hitch.

Through The Command Line

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
sudo update-flashplugin

Restart Mozilla Firefox.

Well done!

How to Read Ubuntu Partition on Windows

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If you use dual boot system, just like me 😀 , perhaps you need switch Operating System between Ubuntu and Windows. One day you work with your Ubuntu, save data and do anything else. In next day, you switch to your Windows but you need data that you have saved on your Ubuntu partition. The best solution is you make a share partition for your Ubuntu and Windows. You can use this partition to save all of your data.

But someday you just forgot to save your data into your share partition. Now you work with your Windows and your data in your Ubuntu partition. You really need this data and feel sick to reboot your PC just to get this data. Personally, it’s just happen to me 😉

No problem, you can explore your Ubuntu partition with your Windows. You can use Explore2fs. But feel free to use another software.


Explore2fs is a GUI explorer tool for accessing ext2 and ext3filesystems. It runs under all versions of Windows and can read almostany ext2 and ext3 filesystem.

Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK

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This is a great idea to make Ubuntu Dapper look and feel like Mac OSX. Someone, aquila_deus (CMIIW), hacked gtk2 to use mac-style menubars. You can find his patch from

This menu bar is tested with gtk 2.10.1/2/3 & gtk 2.8.19, under compiz-quinn, xfce 4.4 svn, and blackbox.


Mac-style Menubar 1 Mac-style Menubar 2

Note: Screenshot was taken from the original thread without permission.

Several problems with this menu bar:

  • Some menubar parts (not menu) may be not repainted well.
  • Mouse movement on menubar can’t activate other menus, you have to click or use the old x-window/mac style (press button until you select the target item).
  • When you move mouse pointer to menus, it’s treated as the mouse has left menubar.
  • You can always move/resize the menubar by Alt+mouse buttons.

Here are how to patch gtk2:

  • get gtk2 source
  • cd …../…./gtk+-2.10.X (X means the version number)
  • patch -p0 < ……./…./gtkmenubar.diff
  • configure and make & install

Debs Package for Dapper

You can try this debs package for Dapper:

But I got error when I tried installed this into my Ubuntu Dapper 🙁

Error – The Application “gnome-panel” has quit unexpectedly.


Error – I’ve detected a panel already running, and will now exit.

I will try to install it again. Wish me luck 😀

My wish list:

  • Error fix for Dapper debs package
  • Ubuntu repo for this package

Original thread from here:


Indonesian DVDs Ubuntu Repository

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Ubuntu Repository

One of problem using Ubuntu or another GNU/Linux distro is program installation. One package depends on another package(s) that you must install before, called “dependencies issue”. Ubuntu provides a suitable mechanism installation but it will be not suitable when we need Internet access to server repository. This situation will not be a problem for the people that have fast and cheap internet connection. However, for the people that have a slow and expensive Internet connection, it is a big problem. Personally, this situation is a big problem for me 🙁

Due to expensive Internet access, sound sad but it’s true 🙁 , the Indonesian Ubuntu community has had quite a unique approach to distribute the whole Ubuntu software package in DVDs. It’s a great idea for Indonesian Ubuntuholic. Huraay… ! 😀 This DVDs allowed you to install Ubuntu package(s) without the need for Internet access.

How to use DVDs Ubuntu repository?

You can use Command line interface or Synaptic way to install package(s) using DVDs repository.

Command Line Interface

  • Insert DVDs repo Ubuntu into your DVD-ROM, next type this following command:
  • sudo apt-cdrom add
  • Wait until finish packages scan
  • You can name DVD repository yourself, eg. Ubuntu-Main-Restricted
  • After finished, insert the next DVD and repeat step above


  • Open Synaptic “System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager”
  • In Synaptic Package Manager, choose “Settings > Repositories”, next “Add Cdrom” then insert DVD repository into DVD-ROM and wait until CD-ROM csan finished.

To install program type this command:

sudo apt-get install aplicationName



How to make Ubuntu Dapper Pretty with NuoveXT

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NuoveXT is an icon theme for GNOME and KDE. The goal of nuoveXT is to provide a very complete set of icons for both Gnome and KDE. All icons are made entirely with Inkscape. Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. Its goal is to become a powerful graphic tool while being fully compliant with the XML, SVG and CSS standards. A few icons was based or found in the Open Clip Art Library. NouveXT created by Alexandre Moore. For more information about NuoveXT please visit

Ubuntu Dapper with NuoveXT

Ubuntu Dapper uses Human as it’s default desktop theme. The good thing with Ubuntu is that it’s possible to modify everything you want. This guide is how to make Ubuntu Dapper pretty with NuoveXT.


Ubuntu Dapper with NuoveXT NuoveXT Icon Theme Gconf Editor with NuoveXT

Changing icons

You should download NuoveXT theme for Gnome from

After you have downloaded it please do these following steps:
– Go to “System -> Preferences -> Theme”. System menu can be found at the left upper corner of your screen.
– Select “Install Theme?” and browse to the folder where you just downloaded above.
– Select NuoveXT-1.6 package and continue. Now the theme manager installs the theme files so that they can be used.
– Select Theme Details. Select NuoveXT for Icons and click “Close”. Now you should have a new NuoveXT icons.

Firefox web-browser

You should download NuoveXT theme for firefox from

You can change Firefox default theme to NuoveXT theme and activate it at Firefox theme manager. You have to restart Firefox after that!

Gaim Messenger

You should download NuoveXT theme for Gaim Messenger from

Gconf editor

You should download NuoveXT theme for gconf-editor from

😀 Well done! Have a nice day and gud lak

Blog with Ubuntu Dapper

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You can update your WordPress blog from Ubuntu Dapper using the Drivel blog client. This guide is how to install and configure Drivel blog client for WordPress. You can also use BloGTK as alternative blog client. Drivel blog client, and another blog client, allows you to write blog posts offline and upload them when you’re ready. Drivel in the universe repository, therefore you need add universe repository in your source.list.

Installing Drivel

Drivel is extremely easy to install by running the following command from a terminal windows:

sudo apt-get install drivel

There will be a new entry for Drivel created in the Applications menu in the Internet section. Simply click on that entry to start Drivel.

Drivel on Application Menu

Configuring and Using Drivel for WordPress

In the main Drivel dialog box, enter your username, password, and server address into appropriate fileds in the dialog, and select your journal type from the drop-down menu. To use Drivel with WordPress you have to choose the Movable Type API (Journal Type) and the full path to the xmlrpc.php file on your server (i.e.

Drivel Dialog Box

Well done! You ready to make your first post. Fill in a subject line for your post, and type some content in the big body filed. Drivel will upload the post to your blog when you click post button. You can select which category you want your post in the “Show more options”.

Drivel New Post

Drivel also support different fonts and fonts effects via the Format menu. It will also automatically construct image link for you. It is possible to edit your posts with Drivel. This is a nice feature, since you don?t have to load the whole HTML interface of WordPress.

Drivel Edit Post

😀 Happy blogging and gud lak!

Ultimate Ubuntu Dapper Look Like OSX

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Customize your Ubuntu Dapper desktop!

Gnome desktop has Icons, Controls and Window decoration, which you can modify. You can get a very nice desktop by changing them. You can find a lot of themes at Gnome-look. You can view my contribution on Gnome-look too. My nickname is cak3p 😉

Changing themes and icons

You should download these following themes from Gnome-look.
T-ish for Clearlooks for window theme and control by Tmilovan.

Humanoid-OSX window border by SineDie.

If you cannot find Humanoid-OSX anymore, you can download from these.

OSX Iconset that has a lot of OSX style icons by Kiddo.

After you have downloaded these packages please do these following steps:
– Go to “System -> Preferences -> Theme”. System menu can be found at the left upper corner of your screen.
– Select “Install Theme…” and browse to the folder where you just downloaded packages above.
– Select T-ish for Clearlooks package and continue. Now the theme manager installs the theme files so that they can be used.
– Repeat the same actions to the Humanoid-OSX and OSX iconset package.
– Select T-ish from theme list.
– Select Theme Details. Select Tish for Controls, Humanoid-OSX for Windows Border, OSX for Icons and click “Close”. Now you should have a new theme with new icons.

Metacity button position

You can change metacity window button position (minimize,maximize, close) from the right position as Ubuntu Dapper default position to the left position like window of OSX 😉
– Go to “Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor” or using the “run program” action or a terminal, start gconf by typing: “gconf-editor” (without quote) and hitting enter. This program is a bit like the registry editor for windows.
– In the tree on the left you need to go to “/apps/metacity/general/”. There is then a key in the right pane called “button_layout“.
– edit this key so that it reads: “menu:minimize,maximize,close” to “close,minimize,maximize:menu” or “close,maximize,minimize:menu“. Feel free to make your own choice. 😉

Metacity Button


You can change Ubuntu’s wallpaper by clicking right mouse button on your desktop and selecting “Change Desktop Background” from the pop-up menu. Now you should see the background selector. You can add new wallpapers to the list simply by clicking “Add wallpaper” button and browsing to the folder where you keep your wallpaper images. You can download OSX looking wallpaper from lxvweb or you can go to deviantART to get a lot of beautiful wallpaper ;).


You can view how to install and configure Mac Font on Ubuntu Dapper at my previous post.

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