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What is the “Digg Effect”?

The “Digg effect” definition from Wiki is the term given to the phenomenon of a popular website linking to a smaller site, causing the smaller site to slow down or even temporarily close due to the increased traffic.

This Tuesday my Ultimate Ubuntu Dapper Look Like OSX got dugg. This resulted in over 30,304 page loads and 16,000 unique visitors in less than 5 days. Here are some a visual analysis of the “Digg effect”.

My article at

My Article at

It all started when my article was pushed up to the the front page. I’ve submitted some of my other articles to digg at the same day without much success, and this one seemed no different. Perhaps this article got a little attention from diggers 🙂

Pageloads and Unique Visitors

Pageloads and Unique Visitors

The summary from the Bar Graph above (taken from statcounter):
Pageloads: 30,361 pages.
Unique Visitors: 16,526 visitors.

Feedburner Statistic

Feedburner Statistic

The most Feed Readers and Aggregators using Firefox Live Bookmarks (523).

Visitor Stats

Visitor Stats

The graph above taken from Performancing Metrics.

Traffic Rank

My traffic ranking on Alexa: 115,994 (up 6,320,202).

How to survive from the “Digg Effect” for WordPress

There are some tips to survive from the “Digg Effect” for WordPress:

  1. Coral P2P Web Cache.
    The Coral caching system does not rewrite embedded links to pages or images, so is useful only for sites using relative links to images or other pages. Additionally, Coral will only serve content from the original site up to 24 hours after it becomes unreachable -source Wiki.
  2. DuggMirror.
    Suffering sites may be able to mitigate the “Digg Effect” by temporarily redirecting requests for the targeted pages to one of these mirrors -source Wiki.
  3. WP-Cache 2.0.
    A very-easy-to-install-and-use plugin. By creating cached pages, it reduce the php code parsed by the web server, and also eliminate the query to mysql database. Both speeds up the page load dramatically -source


Diggers seem like a nice bunch they don’t do much damage! 😀 Happy dugg and gud lak!


  1. Iya mas, kalo artikel yang ditulis pas digemari dan unik, pasti bakalan kena “digg effect”. Tapi harus siap-siap juga dengan dampaknya, baik dampak yang menguntungkan dan merugikan. Selamat mencoba mas dan semoga berhasil. Ntar bagi-bagi ceritanya juga ya 😉

  2. Halo Mas,

    Waktu kejadian itu gak survive kok mas. Hosting yang dipakai saat itu gak kuat dan akhirnya pindah dulu (dengan alasan adanya request yang simultan) ke hosting sebelumnya dan cukup kuat juga. Tapi suka habis di bandwith-nya. Setelah kondisi udah mulai stabil, pindah lagi ke hosting yang sedang dipakai (dengan bandwith yang katanya unlimited).

    Tapi cukup mengejutkan tiba2 siteku dimatikan dan gak hidup hampir satu harian dengan alasan banyak makan resource. Yang paling mengecewakan adalah dimatiin dan adminnya langsung pergi. Besok paginya ketika ditanya-tanya susah jawabannya. Ya.. lagi nasib gak baik aja 🙁 Terpaksa pindah lagi.

    Ini lagi nyobain hosting yang disarankan oleh wordpress. Paling tidak udah pasang WP-Cache. Ya moga2 tetap lancar biar gak diusir lagi. Nasib…nasib… 🙁

    Pengalamannya gimana mas? Makasih 😀

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