Will Telkomsel offer iPhone 3G in Indonesia?

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There are two possibilities operator will bring Apple’s iPhone 3G to Indonesia, Telkomsel or Hutchison.

But it seems Telkomsel, which has more than 50 million users now, will win the bid rather than Hutchison.

According to a colleague who works close to the operator: “Telkomsel will offer iPhone 3G here. It’s almost confirmed.”

He told me: “Telkomsel will offer the iPhone to its postpaid customers. Now they are working on how to determine the plan that will be offered to the customers.”

Hmm… a great news, right?

[Almost confirmed, Telkomsel will offer iPhone 3G in Indonesia – CNET Asia]


  1. by the way, does anyone know why the prepaid more popular than the postpaid here in indonesia, is this a marketing tricks, while, i think, 2/3 other asian(ASEAN citizen mostly), but indonesian, prefer to use postpaid

  2. Wow, i can’t believe if it would be come true.. 🙂
    To Sumwhere: Maybe because of Indonesian culture that are afraid to blow up their phone bills 🙂 For cell phone company it is really an advantage since they are paid in advance.

  3. IMHO, some reasons:
    – It’s easier to buy prepaid card than we apply for postpaid card.
    – you can use “fake” data to register your prepaid card, no data validation =)
    – more prepaid advertising than postpaid

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