Yahoo! Mail Plus with Evolution

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These instructions are for adding Yahoo! Mail Plus account in Evolution. It will help you to configure your Evolution email client to connect to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account via POP.

Yahoo! Mail Plus allow you to have more control and freedom over your email. Some of the features of Yahoo! Mail Plus are increased storage, better SPAM protection, no graphical advertisement ads, more capacity, larger attachments, and mail forwarding. You can also check your email from a mobile phone. In addition, another great feature is mail forwarding and offline access with POP.

Before we start you have to pay for a Yahoo! Mail Plus account in order to pop3 it with Evolution or any other e-mail tool.

Here we go:

  1. Open Evolution and click EDIT -> PREFERENCES from the menu.
  2. On the left, ensure MAIL ACCOUNTS is high-lighted. Click ADD.
  3. Click FORWARD.
  4. Enter your personal information here. You don’t have to enter your full name if you don’t want your full name to appear in outgoing mail. Click Forward when finished.
  5. Select POP for Server Type.
    • Now add the following for RECEIVING EMAIL (heading at top of the window)
    • SERVER: (Notice port number at the end)
    • Username: your Yahoo! username WITHOUT
    • Use Secure Connection: SSL Encryption
    • Authentication Type: PASSWORD
    • Remember Password: Checked (optional)
  6. Click FORWARD button.
  7. Set the next options to your liking. I place a check mark in the first box and have my yahoo! e-mail checked every 1 minute. That’s the only setting chance I make on this window.
  8. Click FORWARD.
    • Now add the following for SENDING EMAIL (heading at top of the window)
    • Server Type: SMTP
    • SERVER: (Notice port number at the end)
    • Server requires authentication: Check this box
    • Use Secure Connection: SSL Encryption
    • Authentication: Plain
    • Username: your username WITHOUT the
  9. Click FORWARD.
  10. Enter a name for this setup.
  11. Click apply and your done.

That’s all and good luck!


  1. I bought Yahoo plus. Can receive but not SEND!!!!!!!!!!
    Present port settings SMTP 25
    Incoming 110
    Pls help

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