Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack

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Yahoo Messenger has been one of the most oldest and popular instant messaging provide by Yahoo!. Yahoo Messenger provides several features for its users such as make calls, send smses, send files, play games, listen to radio, share photos and of course chat.

One of the most popular in-built features of Yahoo is to log in invisible mode.

Sometimes some of your friends who appear “offline” in Yahoo Messenger may not be actually offline, they may in the ‘Invisible’ mode. This maybe if they are trying to ignore you or are too busy to talk to anyone.

It helps many to maintain privacy while at work or just to avoid some people. But like everything popular has its demerits, this invisible mode of Yahoo too has problems.

What is Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

Yahoo Messenger invisible hack is any of several methods people can employ to obtain the true connection status of users on the Yahoo IM network even when they are in hidden status mode.

This makes other people know that you are there online, even if you are logged in through invisible mode.

The two primary Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack methods are:

  • Installing an unauthorized third-party software application that probes the Yahoo IM network
  • Using Yahoo IM to initiate a shared application such as voice chat or conference with the other person and determine their status based on the connection messages that result. (This method varies in effectiveness depending on which version of the Yahoo IM client users run.)

Who does Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

Friends and family may need to use Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks in emergency situations. Spammers and hackers may also try Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks to send you unsolicited messages or attempt to break into your computer.

How to prevent Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

To protect yourself against Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks, you can do these following methods

  • Ensure your IM client is upgraded to the latest stable version. Get the latest Yahoo! Messenger here.
  • Enable normal security features on your computer and home network.

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