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The Yahoo Widget Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator) is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather.

Yahoo! WidgetsEach Widget runs in its own system process, separate from other Widgets and the main Konfabulator system process itself, thus improving the stability of the software application as a whole. Should a problem occur with a Konfabulator Widget requiring it to be shut down, that particular Widget can be shut down without affecting other Widgets or the main Konfabulator application. A disadvantage of doing this, however, is the extra computer memory needed for each process to run. Computer users who are careful about computer memory usage or run computer memory-intensive software applications usually point this out as the main disadvantage or their main concern about Konfabulator.

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  1. I have a problem with yahoo widget , when I shut down the system it prevent the system from shutting down and prompt me lots of “End program” messages and after confirming lots of dialog It will shutdown.

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